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Xfinity Review: Is it worth it?

Xfinity internet customer reviews

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Starting at:$39.99/mo
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Never do they quote deals to their existing custom

I have been with them for years yet loyalty means nothing! Only new customers are worth their time


Micro dropouts cause TV and phones to get dropped. Xfinity does norhing to fix after several attempts. They never call back.

Always a scam from the start

Xfinity - YOU SUCK ! I have 2 neighbors on Xfinity , your main cable ended only 400' from my house , & for me to get internet only , you are wanting to screw me over out of $1200 for installation , $200 for the cable modem / router & the $63 / month besides ! How do you expect to get new customers when you treat people like that ? AND that has been the situation for over 25 YEARS already of lost revenue from me and an entire street over from me ! How much more short sighted can you possibly be ! This $20 or $40 deals for internet , etc , is nothing but false advertising , a "come-on" scam !


Expensive Plan (they won't give me any better): 210 channels--I only watch 4 or 5 channels; Sports Fee--I don't watch any Sports. Blast Internet--a slow blast. I'm looking to go elsewhere.

Very costly with continuous price increases even w

Lots of outages

It's still in business.

Charge more for much less.

Deceptive practices, never ending price increases.

Dropping them after contract is over, will stream, plenty of options out there now, no fees, equipment rental, etc.

Used to be the internet service.

First of all the impersonal voice prompter that answers the phone. Just makes me angry that a human can’t answer the phone. Prices outrageous

for the service you get.


price has doubled in 5 years

internet down and no credit