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Xfinity Review: Is it worth it?

Xfinity internet customer reviews

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Starting at:$39.99/mo
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It cost to much after 2 years are up

I'm paying over 200.00 a month for what friends pay 130.00 for as new customers.Same plan and they wont lower my price.

No Chanel's pricey $$$

It sucks we don't have any channels no ABC no kron 4 news can't watch the tv series everything is Netflix extra cost all they show is murder and violence no HBO no stars don't reccomend

Customer service!

Required to update equipment and now with new equipment can no longer receive WiFi on second floor. After hours on phone and rebooting equipment, it was necessary for a service rep to come to my home only to be told it’s working on first floor but nothing can fix the 2nd floor. Suggested I purchase pods for approximately $100 and may or may not work. Called customer service to be told to schedule another appointment and have original equipment reinstated! What a waste of time! This monopoly needs to come down!


Bundle packages are hidden from the customer. I found them on this website. I wanted a 2 bundle deal and she talked me into a 3 bundle deal. She said you should keep your landline!!!


Hung up on 3 x's in 5 min.

Expensive, keep raising their prices

Our internet is constantly down for no apparent reason, extremely difficult to get any one customer service, price is way too high and they raise it for no reason, constantly having to reset my password for no reason.

That they exist... Customer service

Comcast has overcharged my for the same service for 10 years. I had 2 years on contract then they've doubled that since then. They owe me $9,000. Can't wait to dump them.

• They have THE worst phone auto answer system. I waste 30 minutes anytime I call. You owe me another $10K for wasted time.

• Operators, service, even sales are rude. Come on 5G!!!

• There is a special place in hell for bad large technology companies...

Price increases all the time. Service is horrible

Subscribed for over 38 yrs. Customer service? Can't understand a word they say! If you talk to them and repeat the problem, they just disconnect you! If Fios ever gets to my area, I'll be the 1st to sign up!! Thought the SuperBowl was about a kidnapped dolphin! Finally understood that he was talking about Ace Ventura Pet Detective!!! Comcast just wants to suck every cent from you. They don't care about it's customers, only their bank account!! There is NO loyalty discount, etc. THEY DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!

Over billing is constant.

I fought with Comcast continuously over my bill, which was a package for all TV channels + premium channels; Internet service; a landline phone; and, a home security system for $189. For the entire 2 years of the contract they never correctly billed me or made corrections to fix the problems permanently... though each time I called them they said they did. I called them so often, that they knew who I was and nobody wanted to take my call. EVERY month I spent 2-10 hours on the phone talking to customer service...no lie! They even tried to dispute the terms of our agreement, but that failed because I still had their flyer outlining the terms. Frankly, I thought they should be paying me for all the time I spent talking to that bunch of morons, trying to get them to do what they agreed to. Nobody in their customer service ever fixes anything, though they always promised to. Their billing practices should be criminal...they lie, cheat, & steal. Of course they just cut your service off if you refuse to pay. Due to the trees in my yard, satellite won't work. and they are the only cable available. They hated me and I hated them. Never rely on their bundle promises; Never believe anything customer service promises; and get your cell phone service elsewhere in case you get into a dispute and need a phone! Never sign up for their auto pay. get and keep copies of everything pertaining to your deal and your account...you'll be needing them.

Unexplained costs

My bill went from 80 to 120. Added internet and was told it would only add 7. Two years later my bill is $254. That's an extra 1500/year. You can't fix it online and when you call all you get is sales pitches. It should be illegal. They have no competition and they know it. I want fios and they can't even get into my borrow due to politics. My next door neighbor has it because they are not in the borrow. It really should be illegal.