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its there

cut the cord and been so Happy I did

Prices continually climb. People U talk to agree

Our bills continually goes up. We called to see what we could do to get the price down and we are paying even more a year later. This company has no loyalty to their customers who have been with them for over 25 years, no senior discounts nothing.

very bad billing practices check your bills

customer support is very bad, no way to communicate in writing and u need it for proof of their immoral billing practices. Very Immoral company

Customer service -incompetent and deceitful conned

Conned me into signing a new contract for a “special” discount with no changes. Lost all services until I added back what my “special” discount deleted. Basically scammed me to get under a new contract as mine had expired.

Now they’ve moved TCM to a friggin sports package for an additional $9.99/month.

Would never recommend this company.

Everything else

Once your “ bundled plan” expires you find out you can get another one even cheaper. Such crap. Why don’t they pro rate their plan at the time it became cheaper? They certainly waste no time jacking the fees whimsically during the “ contract time”. Lack of competition helps them immensely. Otherwise, they would sharpen their customer service skills, employ skilled and accommodating service techs and allow us to ala carte the features we want. Stop the double talk and promo deals/ packages that come out of your corporate skull factory! And stop calling us “ valued customers “ when we are not treated that way!!

Cannot shop, stranglehold monopoly. Pricing.

Hate them so much, no valid options otherwise since they control the cable lines. You cannot reasonably find out what you should be paying. They nickle and dime you. You try to save on bill by cutting service, and they jack up their minimal service costs so it looks like you are losing out on a lot for very little savings. Screw them, dishonest company.

increases prices without warning

increases prices

Overpriced. Poor customer service.

They raised my bill by $35. Very few channels included. Looking for other options.

You don't ever get the speed you pay for

Comcast/Xfinity is not a good internet provider. There’s high speed plans at decent prices and bundles reduce price. Too bad their service is often down/slow and you don’t get the speeds you pay for. One time, we had insane issues and went through like 8 of their routers before buying a NETGEAR router which worked flawlessly (compared to their router, still didn’t fix the speed issues). At least you get full speed in the middle of the night. Literally can’t even use the WiFi so posting on data

Escalating prices for less

Each time come to end of contract prices for less go up dramatically. I am going to cut the cord if it happens this time. No Senior should be paying for 100 channels they don’t watch.